A Life Well-Lived

A Life Well-Lived


Composer: Patrick W. Meyer

Handbells used: 5 - 6 octaves

Handchimes used: 5 - 7 octaves

Level: 3

Price: $4.95

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This original music was written in memory of a “beloved friend and one of the founding members of Encore! Handbell Ensemble.” She played B4/C5 which is the basis for this beautiful tribute, honoring her love for music. Patrick writes: 

“Shirley’s theme is a simple one, with steady underlying quarter notes that speak to her steadfastness and reliability. She was our ‘rock.’  The next section … is written in C minor and introduces new thematic material that reflects the sadness we all experienced. The rise and fall of sixteenth notes represent the beating of eagle’s wings.” 


The melody returns to ‘Shirley’s theme’ featuring lightly-malleted 16th notes in the accompaniment and it segues to an ending that is immensely moving and powerful. “Shirley’s C5 – a Singing Bell – is the last note heard” … which is allowed to be the last note remaining as it slowly fades away. “Gone from this life, but not forgotten… a life well-lived!”


Once you see and hear this amazing and expressive work, you must add this to your group’s repertoire for use throughout the liturgical year as well as in concerts.  

Octave Ranges
5-6 Octaves
Original composition
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Level of Difficulty
Level 3

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