To submit your music for publishing consideration

 Please read below and then submit your music to: Submissions @ From the Top Music

We will review any submission in any format – including hand-written; HOWEVER… our preference is:

  • PDF file attached to email
    • It need not be perfectly scored – just clear enough to know your intent
    • Techniques should be indicated as usual
    • We have our own ‘house style’ so if accepted, we will edit and change fonts/spacings etc
  • Sound file attached to email
    • We prefer mp3 or MIDI – it is impossible to play many handbell scores with just 10 fingers on a keyboard so it helps in our review
    • When creating the sound file, please use a simple piano sound; accurate techniques cannot be created via Finale anyway, so no need to try to use Garritan hb sounds
    • Please do NOT use Celeste sound. It has so many overtones that make it difficult to hear the recording clearly
  • IF you prefer to not create the PDF or sound file – any Finale file may be sent and we will create the PDF and mp3 for our review
    • We will delete the Finale file if we do not accept the work
    • If we accept the work, we will use the Finale file as basis for the editing process since it saves much time and chance for note input errors
  • IF you use music software other than Finale – we can import XML files to use in the review
  • If the submission is an arrangement of a work under copyright, please include any documentation you have regarding ‘permission to arrange’ or any contact information associated with the copyright. Should we wish to accept the work, we will request ‘permission to publish’ from the copyright imprint owner.  If permission to print is not granted, of course, we will not be able to publish it
  • Any background information you wish to share re the work may be included… your choice.
  • We do not need your bio. Our decision is made solely on the merit of the work coupled with need for a particular genre or style to round out our catalog.
    • Our queue is currently 12-18 months out – which means, anything accepted may not appear in a catalog until 2023 or early 2024. However, Christmas works may appear earlier – a marketing consideration. AND – we do make works available online and begin marketing them to retailers, conductors etc as soon as they are published.
  • It may be a few weeks after we receive the submission before we make a decision. Please feel free to ask for more clarity if needed.
  • Thank you for your inquiry – we look forward to seeing your creative works!
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