In Total Amazement

In Total Amazement


Composer: James S. Bawden

Handbells used: 5-7 octaves

Handchimes used: 4 octaves (A3-C5)

Level: 4

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The composer writes: This unique and fun piece was inspired by the dedicated musicians of RiverBend Bronze. In rehearsal I was "in total amazement" with their intensity and skills and mused that I should write a piece with that title! One of the ringers shouted, "Please do!" So I did. 

It begins with ethereal treble LV passages supported by sonorous singing bells leading to an engaging, driving 6/8 rhythmic section with hints of the main theme, which appears in measure 51. It continues to segue through well-crafted moods leading to a calm section featuring the melody in the handchimes. Return of the energetic 6/8 section moves to the victorious main melody featuring interest-grabbing modulations as it reaches the powerful conclusion. Ringers will love this work which is filled with expression and has something to engage everyone throughout. 

Audiences will truly be "In Total Amazement" as this overture-style work weaves its way toward an amazing conclusion.  

Click here to view on our Youtube Channel

Octave Ranges
5-7 Octaves
Original composition
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Level of Difficulty
Level 4

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