The Road to Calvary

The Road to Calvary


Hymn Tune: Herbliebster with original music by Craig Laumann

Arranger: Craig Laumann

Handbells used: 3 – 5 octaves

Handchimes used: 3 octaves

Level: 3 

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The Passion hymn, Herbliebster Jesu, is a Lutheran hymn written in 1630. The first line of the hymn is translated: “Ah, Holy Jesus, how hast thou offended?”  A few years later, Johann Crüger composed the familiar tune which has also been used by several other composers including J.S. Bach.  Craig has used the Crüger tune as the inspiration for his original melody and beautifully combined the two into a moving and passionate offering for the Lenten season. Dynamics, LVs, and well-crafted key changes will engage everyone as this original tune segues to the hymn theme – which is rung entirely on handchimes. Another key change leads to the final 8 measures rung by handbells with a haunting and sensitive ending that will find many holding their collective breaths as the sound fades to silence.

This will be an especially wonderful title to add to your group’s repertoire.

Octave Ranges
3-5 octaves
Bible Verse Text
Classical Arrangements
Hymn Tunes
Original composition
Level of Difficulty
Level 3

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