An Irish Lullaby

An Irish Lullaby


Composer: Old Irish Folk Tune

Arranger: Billy Brandt

Handbells used: 4 – 7 octaves

Handchimes used: 4 – 7 octaves

Other: Optional flute or C-instrument

Level: 3

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This sweet Irish tune has been sensitively arranged beginning with singing bells and flute solo. If flute is not used, then the piece may begin with bells in m. 11. The melody is supported by LV passages and dynamic expressions including gentle tempo alterations and nuances. Handchime inner voices are added with the melody rung on bells and lower bass bells supporting that section creating a lovely texture. Flute then doubles the flowing melody and then plays its own counter-melody as the music moves to the climax of this work before gradually fading away to a beautifully calm ending.  This is an accessible and sensitive work that can be used in any secular or sacred setting. 

Octave Ranges
4-7 Octaves
Holiday (Secular)
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Level of Difficulty
Level 3

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