The Roar of Storms

The Roar of Storms


Composer: Matthew Compton

Octaves Handbell: 5 - 7

Octaves Handchimes: 5 - 7

Other Instruments:   Piano

Level: 4

Recording performed August 4, 2023 by Zenith Handbell Ensemble 

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The Roar of Storms is described by the composer as paraphrased: 'This is a programmatic work inspired by the writings og Scottish-American naturalist, John Muir, who would frequently write in vivid descriptions about his experience, what he saw, and what he felt when in nature.' Matthew drew from some of Muir's writings as inspiration for this amazing work which is melodic, lyrical, tender, dynamic, and filled with expression and nuance. The use LV, Sk, echo plus use of the sustain pedal in the piano, work together beautifully to convey the power yet tenderness of the music. The piano is integral to the expression and adds texture and tone so the 'sound' of thunder, lightning, and storms is apparent. This is a powerful concert work that will deeply inspire audience and ringers alike.

Octave Ranges
5-7 Octaves
Original composition
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Tone Poem
Level of Difficulty
Level 4

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