Land of Make Believe
Land of Make Believe
Land of Make Believe
Land of Make Believe

Land of Make Believe


Title: Land of Make Believe

Composer: Chuck Mangione

Arranger:   Hart Morris

Octaves handbells: 5    

Octaves handchimes: n/a

Other instruments: Bb treble brass or Eb Alto Sax

                            Bass guitar and conga ~  Optional but highly recommended

Level:  5

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Chuck Mangione, gifted flugelhorn player and composer, first gained fame as a musician in the 1960s and enjoyed tremendous international success in the 1970s through his unique jazz compositions and more! Hart Morris has brilliantly adapted this Mangione favorite for bells and solo Bb trumpet or alto sax. Using singing bell, gentle mallet rolls and more, plus the bass and rhythm of the congas makes the interplay magical. The rhythms are tricky at first featuring accents, marts, and precise RT, but once the patterns are internalized, it will gently rock along with little effort. This is absolutely a MUST-HAVE for your advanced group! 

Octave Ranges
5 Octaves
Latin style
Pop Tunes
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Level of Difficulty
Level 5
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