Capriol Suite
Capriol Suite
Capriol Suite
Capriol Suite

Capriol Suite


Title: Capriol Suite(selections)

     Titles included: 1) Basse Danse   5) Pieds-en-l’air   6) Mattachins

Composer:  Peter Warlock

Arranger:  Shawn Gingrich

Handbells used: 3 – 7 (8)  octaves

Handchimes used: 3 octaves

 Level: 3 & 3+

Sound file:    1) Basse danse   0:00       2) Pied-au-l'air   01:25    3)  Mattachins  04:20

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Three selections from Warlock’s “Capriol Suite” are included in this one title.

Danse No. 1 reflects a renaissance county dance style and uses Ring and malleted bells and brief chime countermelodies.

Danse No. 5 Is written in G major and translates as “feet in air” to suggest dancers glide across the floor “as if their feet never touch the ground.  It is Rung legato                             throughout.  

Danse No. 6 in F major is believed to represent a sword dance and lively Rings, TD, and mallets alternate. 

There are quick accidentals the last 30 or so measures and we suggest ringers listen to the recording several times while visualizing and imagining the sound of a lively duel of swords;  it really does “grow” on one and will be a fabulous and fun challenge!

Octave Ranges
6+ Octaves
Classical Arrangements
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Level of Difficulty
Level 3+
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