Chinese Galop

Chinese Galop


Title:  Chinese Galop

 Sub-title:  Chineser-Galopp, Op. 20

Composer:   Johan Strauss, Sr.  

Arranger:  Martha Lynn Thompson

Octaves handbells:          4 – 7    

Octaves handchimes:     n/a

Level: 3 +

Recording is:  q = 104    Note:  In the repeat from m. 47 back to m. 2,

                                               the shorter repeat sections are only played once on the recording.

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A ‘galop’ is best described as “a lively ballroom dance in duple time, popular in the mid-18th century.”  Dances such as the waltz, schottisch and galop were immensely popular. This was a time rich with composers such as Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart, Johann Strauss, and more – all of whom wrote music fit for lively dancing.  Strauss’ tunes were inspired from many sources including folk and theater music… and he was fascinated by the “exotic” – thus the Chinese Galop – although it is said he never encountered Chinese music. Some dance halls were decorated and even lighted with Chinese lanterns! This galop was such a hit that dancers would insist it be repeated and repeated until they were exhausted!

 This arrangement is faithful to the original and beautifully crafted for handbells, featuring the engaging melody with a variety of rung, LV, and stopped accompaniments which make it thoroughly delightful! There are perfectly-placed dynamics, options for adding the 7th octave to the melody, and enough repeats to keep the ‘toe-tapping’  audience fully engaged.

 This is a timeless, “must-have” title for your group’s repertoire! 

Octave Ranges
4-7 Octaves
Classical Arrangements
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Level of Difficulty
Level 3+
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