On Wings Like Eagles

On Wings Like Eagles


Composer: Caleb J. Onstead

Octaves Handbell: 3 – 7

Octaves Handchimes: 3 – 6

Level: 3

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This original work was inspired by Isaiah 40:30-31 ~ …’those who hope in the Lord… will soar on wings like eagles …’   A lovely but simple melody is established immediately and is creatively expanded through different ranges, voicings, and a few contrapuntal motifs. Delicate descending sixteenth note patterns in the 6’s accompany the sweet melody in the chimes.  A few well-placed LV, shakes, and mart-lifts add to the expression and that is precisely what you will love about this work:  it is so very expressive through dynamics and tempo changes – all leading to a powerful yet sensitive ending. Addition of Rapid Random Mallet in the 6’s and 7’s with inner voices ringing descending 16th note patterns will leave the audience holding their collective breath as it all naturally fades away to silence.

Octave Ranges
3-7 Octaves
Bible Verse Text
Original composition
Level of Difficulty
Level 3
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