Prelude in B Major   Op. 99, No. 2

Prelude in B Major Op. 99, No. 2

Composer: Camille Saint-Saëns
Arranger: Fred Gramann
Octaves Handbell: 7 version OR 5 - 6 octave version
Octaves Handchimes: 5 - 6  in each version
Level: 4




Camille Saint-Saëns was a gifted musician, performer, and composer – a true prodigy. Saint-Saëns wrote more than 300 works for symphonies, operas, organ, piano, and violin concertos and more! He was highly regarded by his contemporaries and did much to develop and solidly establish the French style of music in the Romantic era. Trois Préludes et Fugues, Op. 99, written for organ, includes this Prelude No. 2 – which is graceful and melodic yet sophisticated and engaging. It features flowing, pastoral melodies featured in both the treble and bass, all supported by gentle triplet patterns which have the feel of calm tremolos. Arranged for David Harris and The Raleigh Ringers, this is a thoroughly ethereal and engaging setting which moderately-accomplished groups will want to add to their concert repertoire. This is published in separate and compatible 7-octave and 5-6 octave versions which can be used in massed-ringing events.   Click here to view/listen to this selection and more on our YouTube channel

Octave Ranges
5-7 Octaves
Classical Arrangements
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Level of Difficulty
Level 4
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