All Saints Fantasy

All Saints Fantasy


Title:                    All Saints Fantasy

Hymn Tune:          SINE NOMINE

Other:                  Piano accompaniment included

Arranger:             Brian Childers

Octaves:              3  (A4C7)

Level:                    3


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This favorite hymn tune composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1906, was entitled, SINE NOMINE, which literally translates as “without name,” which was the custom as far back as the Renaissance when a tune was original and not a new setting of an existing song.  This exciting arrangement is truly a ‘fantasy’ on this hymn tune since the melody line is not exactly what we are all used to hearing – yet is still very familiar and engaging. The piano accompaniment is dynamic and beautifully supports the soloist, adding excitement as the work progresses. Tempo nuance, dynamics, and the addition of well-placed bell shakes drive this to a wonderfully climactic ending! This will require a somewhat-accomplished pianist. What a wonderful new work for the handbell soloist!  

Octave Ranges
3 Octaves
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