Come Christians, Join to Sing
Solo score
Come Christians, Join to Sing
Solo score

Come Christians, Join to Sing


Title: Come Christians, Join to Sing

Hymn Tune: MADRID  (a traditional spanish melody) 

Other: Optional oboe score included

           Piano accompaniment included

Arranger: Kurt Meyer

Octaves: 2 or 3  (C5 – Bb6)

Level: 3 


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The lyrics of this hymn are attributed to Christian Henry Bateman, a Scottish minister.  It was published in a children’s hymnbook in 1843 with the title “Come Children, Join to Sing”  and set to the hymn tune, MADRID,  (a Traditional Spanish Melody.) Kurt has worked his arranging magic, crafting this for handbell solo, piano accompaniment, and optional oboe -- although you will want to include the oboe or any C-instrument you may have available. A flowing, lyrical intro begins in the piano which is soon joined by the oboe and the bell solo soon joins ringing the melody.  The oboe and bells share and weave the melody and countermelodies beautifully throughout while the piano accompaniment features unexpected but wonderfully satisfying progressions. It includes a more lilting section as it moves on to a key change to F-major and the interplay of the three instruments is masterful; Kurt has suggested this section be played ‘Studiously.’ Expression and tempo changes are essential to the musicality of this setting.

The entire work, even though expressive, is a bit more nuanced than is typical for this hymn. This will be a lovely addition to any moderately-accomplished soloist’s repertoire. 

Octave Ranges
3 Octaves
Solos & Ensembles
Hymn Tunes
Palm Sunday and Easter
Level of Difficulty
Level 3

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