An Odyssey of Peace

An Odyssey of Peace

Composer: Brian Childers
Octaves Handbell: 3 - 7
Octaves Handchimes: 3 - 4
Optional Alternate Bells:  3 octaves (D5-E6)
Level: 3+
Optional Percussion:  
  • Percussion 1:  Mark tree, suspended cymbal, windchimes, tam tam (gong) snare, tambourine ratchet
  • Percussion 2:  orchestra chimes, triangle, glockenspiel
  • Percussion 3:  timpani

Handbells only:   Handbells and percussion:  

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This original piece was inspired by Revelation Chapter 4: 1-11, and beautifully reflects this scripture. The passages may be read as part of the performance or simply used as interpretive insight. The bell score may be performed alone but the addition of percussion – particularly the timpani, snare, and sus cymbal – add to the dynamic of the piece. Optional alternate bells adds texture and emphasizes the counter-melody. Techniques include LV, Sk, mallet, mart, and mart-lift. This wonderful work is filled with expression throughout – and the gentle, peaceful ending is quite inspirational. Two demo sound files are posted:  one includes many of the percussion instruments and the second one is handbells only, for those who may not have access to percussion.    

Octave Ranges
3-7 Octaves
Bible Verse Text
Original composition
Tone Poem
Level of Difficulty
Level 3+
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