Title: Appassionato

Subtitle: Prayer

Composer:   Paul Douglas

Handbells used: 5 – 6  octaves

Handchimes used:  n/a

Level:  3

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This original work features a lyrical but poignant melody supported by a flowing accompaniment with many LV passages forming lovely progressions.  It begins in g-minor with nicely-crafted segues to d-minor and then c-minor as it builds in intensity and expression followed by a lovely variation on the melody accompanied by a gently plucked bass line. This flows into a powerful stringendo climax punctuated by brilliant Shakes. The final variation is legato, peaceful and very fulfilling with a mesmerizing ending. You must listen to this title several times to appreciate its beauty. What a perfect work for Lent or any introspective event… and it will be very effective for a moment of calm beauty in any concert.  

It should be noted that Paul is creating a “handbell Symphony” in C-minor – and this is Movement 2 ~ Adagio. 

The first movement subtitled “Dauntless”  is Sonata Allegro, Cat. 20690. Click here to view  

Movement 3 is yet to come!  

Octave Ranges
5-6 Octaves
Classical Arrangements
Original composition
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Level of Difficulty
Level 3
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