J'entends le Moulin

J'entends le Moulin


Catalog #:            20828

Title:                      J’entends le Moulin 

Composer:          Donald Patriquin

Arranger:             Carlos Enrique Rivera

Octaves handbells:     6-7

Octaves handchimes:  4

Level:                    6

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This lyrics of this amazing choral work by Donald Patriquin was inspired by the sound of a millwheel… which was integral part of settling of the French in Canada. Carlos Rivera has done a masterful job of adapting this work for handbells. Mr. Patriquin viewed the performance by Vivace at Pinnacle in 2010 and wrote: 

WOW! This is a wonderful performance, virtuosic to tell the truth! I hope I can hear it in person someday. Thank-you so much for the adaptation, Carlos. You are a very gifted arranger. And thank-you to Vivace … under Zilka, for bringing it to such life.

And a gifted arranger he is! This very challenging work features mart, mallet,  LV/R phrases, shakes, and well-placed dynamics. It features many contrapuntal passages and exposed lines that are critical to emphasize the melody while the accompanying chords and other supporting lines need to be clearly executed as well. Yet it is delicate in all its complexity and must be treated as such in order to clearly execute all the fabulous passages.  It has some challenging rhythmic sections as it zips along at quarter = 120 – and the addition of accidentals will keep everyone focused throughout. 

Octave Ranges
6+ Octaves
Novelty Pieces
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Tone Poem
Level of Difficulty
Level 6
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