A Highland Blessing

A Highland Blessing


Composers:  Derek K. Hakes


Handbells used:  3 – 6  octaves

Handchimes used:  3 – 6 octaves

 Other:   Optional flute or C-instrument

             Optional solo score for voice and/or flute

Level:    3

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                 This lovely, lyrical, original work reflects Derek’s gift for melody and fulfilling harmonies and expression that are so rewarding to ringers and listeners alike. It is Rung with LV throughout and the addition of the optional flute is the icing on this musical cake. His segues and key changes are flawlessly crafted. Derek shares the details of his creation, which paraphrased reads:   I find myself inherently drawn to Celtic and Irish music.  The “A” section sounds much like a Scottish or Irish air and the “B” section closely resembles a hymn, “perhaps what one might hear sung in a Highlands church” and there are echoes of Scottish tunes throughout.

                Derek then included a portion of a Robert Burns poem – My Heart’s in the Highlands – with his melody – but written in an accessible vocal range, suggesting it could be sung acapella. In addition, a C-instrument score of the same melody is available which could be played ‘from a hidden location’ as an introduction to the bell performance. The options are many!

                You are sure to choose this beautiful work to include in your group’s repertoire for use in any sacred or secular event.

Octave Ranges
3-6 Octaves
Original composition
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Tone Poem
Level of Difficulty
Level 3

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