With God  (David’s Dance)

With God (David’s Dance)

Composer: Elizabeth Peters
Octaves Handbell: 5 - 6
Octaves Handchimes: n/a
Level: 3
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This fresh, original work was written with love in the memory of a life ending much too soon. Written in ¾, it begins with an expressive 4-measure intro written in key of B-major, (please don’t let this brief key signature deter you), which segues into the main theme in Eb major.  Delicate stopped sounds accompany the lyrical treble melody. Counter-melodies are perfectly placed throughout and an occasional gentle syncopation, as well as dynamics and LVs, add to the overall gentle dancing feel of this lovely work. There are some very nice segues and satisfying progressions leading to the ending which reprises the beginning. This a creative yet very sweet piece that will make your heart sing.  

Octave Ranges
5-7 Octaves
Original composition
School and Youth
Secular - general usage
Level of Difficulty
Level 3
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